Hi I’m Ellie, an award winning goth wedding Celebrant/officiant, who writes and performs wedding ceremonies, handfasting and vow renewals for like minded couples.

I conduct weddings for goth couples all over the UK, with Whitby, Yorkshire, London, WalesDevon and Cornwall being the most popular wedding ceremony locations.

Your wedding should be exactly how you want it, and this can be challenging for Goth couples. I have links to all aspects of wedding suppliers able to make your special day exactly how you want it.

Handfasting, unity candle ceremonies, wine ceremonies and many more elements can be included with your ceremony, which can be in any location, on any day, at any time. Evening romantic candlelit ceremonies are very appealing to goth couples.

There are plenty of other Celebrants offering gothic wedding ceremonies, but If you want a gothic wedding ceremony, performed by a goth wedding Celebrant with an understanding of our subculture, please contact me.

Gothic Wedding ceremonies