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Goth Weddings and Handfasting at Halloween

Goth weddings in Whitby by a Goth Celebrant

Halloween is the most popular time of the year in my experience as a Goth wedding Celebrant to have a ceremony. Goth weddings and handfasting at Halloween can be personal, romantic, unique and held in any location, with or without […]

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Handfasting Ceremonies

gothic handfasting

Handfasting ceremonies have increased in popularity in recent years for many people, but for many goth couples, handfasting ceremonies are the preferred wedding ceremony element of choice. This is usually because many goths are Pagan or Wiccan and want a […]

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Goth Wedding Dresses

When we most people think of a gothic wedding, they imagine a sea of darkness, void of colour, and the bride arriving in a black wedding dress. For some brides, black is the only colour choice for a wedding dress, […]

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Goth Wedding Celebrant

Hi, I’m Ellie, also known as Starr to my family and friends, and I am a Goth wedding Celebrant, also known as a wedding officiant. As well as working with goths,  I also work with many other alternative couples all over the […]

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Goth Wedding Ceremonies

a goth wedding ceremony by a goth celebrant

Gothic weddings are just like any other weddings; two people in love, wishing to take part in a ceremony, vowing to spend the rest of their lives together. Goth is a subculture, a music scene, a genre of fashion and […]

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