Weddings are one of the most important days in our lives, and a truly memorable wedding day, starts with a memorable and personalised wedding ceremony. Whatever kind of wedding day you have planned; your actual ceremony should be all about the two of you. Weddings are about the joining together of two people, and the ceremony is the most important part of the day. As a goth wedding Celebrant/officiant, this is where I can help you have a wedding ceremony which is all about you, and reflects your lifestyle.

gothic wedding ceremonies

From experience, goth and other alternative couples want their wedding ceremony to be personalised, meaningful, relevant, romantic, creative and unique to them. That is what I do. Each ceremony I write and perform is unique to each couple, and hasn’t before, or won’t again be used for any other couple’s wedding.

You can include children, family, friends and pets as ring bearers into your ceremony, which can take place in any venue of your choice, regardless whether it’s a registered wedding venue or not. The legal part of making declarations in front of two witnesses, and signing of the register in a clinical looking register office, can be done before or after your ceremony.

Register offices won’t let you have your ideal goth track as entrance music if there are religious references in the lyrics. As most of us aren’t christians, this leaves limited suitable venues for goth couples who want a goth wedding to reflect their lifestyle choices.

Pagan, Wiccan, Norse, spiritual beliefs can be incorporated into wedding ceremonies.

Woodland weddings, intimate private ceremonies, evening and outdoor ceremonies are available.

Ceremonies held during events and festivals in Whitby and are also available, and there are many venues available to hold ceremonies in. Whitby Abbey is a popular location.

Additional candle ceremonies, handfasting, wine ceremonies and other elements can also be added into all ceremonies. More information is available here

A commemorative parchment which can be signed by up to four witnesses during your ceremony is also included, and you’ll receive a keepsake copy of your ceremony.

A truly memorable wedding day, starts with a memorable and personalised wedding ceremony, performed by somebody who understands our lifestyle.

For more information and prices, please contact me.