Handfasting is possibly the oldest wedding custom known. It is thought to be a Pagan betrothal custom dating back to the ancient Celtic and Norse times. During the ceremony the hands of those involved are bound together using individual or braided different colours of ribbons, cords or material.

There are many different online sources to be found when searching for handfasting. Many describe an ‘infinity’ or ‘love’ knot. This is a fairly new suggestion as originally handfasting had nothing to do with love. It was a binding agreement made between two families wanting to join together their sons and daughters in an agreed arrangement between the families.

Handfasting has evolved into a recognised Pagan wedding tradition but it can be used in any wedding ceremony not just Pagan ones. For Pagan Ceremonies the calling of the elements of earth, fire, water and wind; the cardinal blessings can be included. Handfasting can take place within cleansed circles if required using new moon energised or blessed cords.

Handfasting isn’t just for Pagans and for non-Pagan ceremonies, the attributes of the different colours of the ribbons or cords can be referred to. Ceremonies can include children, family or friends and a broom jumping and a mead ceremony can be included.

Handfasting is a meaningful binding with historical roots making it a memorable ceremony.

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